Wednesday 26 July 2017

The Reviews are Coming In!

I just received a student's review about the Ancient History course she took with Mrs Samuels at Dreaming Spires Home Learning last year. 

You'll probably not be surprised to learn she was the first one on the list to sign up for the follow-up course about Greek that's starting in September!

It's a unique course because it made me obsessed with Rome afterwards. I got a good understanding of society, the class system, the family, and the military, plus a lot of the Roman literature. I took the extension to learn how to write essays about ancient objects, and that was useful because it helped me understanding how archaeologists date objects, and what they say about the culture they come from. Mrs Samuels has a quirky teaching style that adds interest to the subject - she'll frame a subject like Octavian's exile in such a way to make it seem humorous/ridiculous, and that helps you remember it really well.

If your teen wants a detailed look into all-things-ancient-history, then join us on Tuesdays or Wednesdays this next year: "carpe diem" and sign up now!

The "naughty" Greek bowl at the Ashmolean, Oxford.

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