Thursday 8 February 2018

STOP PRESS! Timetable out now for 2018-2019 classes

The title says it all ... we are publishing our tentative timetable for the next academic year, unveiling our newest course offerings like chemistry, French, modern history, and creative writing.

The year that packs a punch!

Registrations will open for our Early Bird period over Easter weekend, when registration fees will hold your place for the course of your choice. Last year, most of our courses filled up by the middle of May, so put a reminder on your calendar so you don't miss out!

English Renaissance: KP  8 am  CST / 2 pm UK  English Middle Ages : JP      8 am  CST / 2 pm  UK  Ancient History Rome:  AS 8 am  CST / 2 pm  UK  English British Novel: KP      8 am  CST / 2 pm  UK 

Spanish 1 : JB will meet at   9 am  CST /3 pm  UK   Spanish 2:  JB will meet at  9 am  CST / 3 pm  UK  

History: 1914-1945: The Road to War: YM          10 am CST/4 pm UK  French 1: JB will meet at 10:30 am  CST / 4:30 pm  UK   French 2: JB will meet at 10:30 am CST / 4:30 pm UK   Biology KJ at 10 am CST/ 4 pm UK
General Science  KJ at 11 am CST/ 5 pm UK Creative Writing:  JP noon CST/6 pm UK English British Novel:  JP noon CST/6 pm UK

English Middle Ages KP    1 pm  CST / 7 pm  UK 
Ancient History Greek:  AS      1 pm  CST / 7 pm  UK 

Two courses, same time
Chemistry  KJ at 1 pm CST/    7 pm UK

English American Lit: KP          1 pm  CST / 7 pm  UK 


  1. Quick question- are these Gcse or a level?

  2. Hi, Zelda - we employ a unique tiered approach to these courses so that we support both GCSE and A-level, as well as younger children. That's because we are all specialists in our field and can support the scholars to their full potential, and nurture the younger ones along the way. Why not email me about a specific subject or course so I can explain how we support the different exam specs this year.


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