History, Geography, and Art History

Dreaming Spires Social Sciences: Think for Yourself

Our Social Sciences department is a smorgasbord of exploratory subjects, including geography, history, ancient history, biblical culture, and art history. 

Sit at the feet of the experts and BASK in possibility!

The expertise that we’ve amassed for these subjects is bar none - a university lecturer, a former chief examiner, an A-level specialist, and a historian who used to run education tours in period costume at the Tower of London.

This year, geography is going to focus on global environments like deserts, rainforests, and that sort of thing. 

Our WW1 and WW2 history course will now be joined by a focus on a mediaeval history class "Of Longbows and Roses" which will cover a range of topics across Medieval life and culture, working a lot with primary sources to explore the 13th, 14th, and 15th centuries.

Ancient Greece is complemented by a New Testament history and culture course. Both of these offer extensions for learning either how to decode historical artifacts like gravestones, coins, etc, or the beginning stages of learning the Greek language.

For more detail about Ancient Greece, here's a sample from the syllabus:

You'll see that it works thematically, covering wars, myths, drama, the role of women, and of course, Homer. In fact, just about everything you'd want to know about the subject to make you crazy for it!

Students in the New Testament main course, on the other hand, will learn a small number of Greek words and be able to understand and write 30 memory verses in Greek, the main focus will be NT cultural studies, reading from various texts including Nehemiah, Maccabees and Josephus.

The Add-On extension for this class will be for Greek only. The focus is on getting enough Greek to help read the NT devotionally and use a concordance. For UK students, this would not be a course to prepare for GCSEs in Greek but could help a student gain a good grounding for exams in the future. For US students, the extension turns the New Testament course into honours level.

Straight after the main webinar, the extension will last approximately 20 minutes as Mrs Samuels take students through various units about architecture, coinage, pottery, and other ancient artifacts, guiding them how to write about them as one might expect to do in an upper-level college course.

Art History, too, will have an extension which takes students into more depth about writing mature responses about art.

See the add-on page for more details about these extension opportunities.

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