Creative Writing

Don't Just "Want" to Be a Writer: BE a Writer!

There are plenty of online courses in creative writing which offer a top-down, 'this-is-how-you-do-it' approach. This 30 week course is different, aiming to foster living learning, in an environment where we create and explore together.

Using key texts and examples, we will focus on four areas: 
  • Inspiration/ the short story;
  • Structure/ the screenplay;
  • The Big Picture/ the novel; 
  • Voices/ the radio play.

Within these themed segments, there will be workshops where students receive detailed feedback on their writing from each other and from "Miss Jackie". 

The aim is not to foist 'the correct way' on young writers, but more to help them discover what they want to say, and how to say it - on their own terms. This course is for any and all beginner and developing teen writers who want to put the heart back into creative writing.

Students will join either the 14-and-up group or the 13 and under group: age of student is dependent on where they are 1st Sept 2019. The tutor for the creative writing course is Jackie Pavlenko, screenwriter and author who wrote the screenplay for "El Greco", a film that won numerous prestigious European film awards in 2008-2009. Read more about her profile on our Tutors page.

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