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Dr Patrick is CEO
and teaches English

Dr Kat Patrick now resides in her home state of Texas with her four children, all of whom are Dreaming Spires students. Before that, she lived for 25 years in England. Her background includes an MA from Durham (UK), a PhD from Delaware (US), and a UK PGCE teaching certificate, all in the subject of English. She continues to examine for the Cambridge Assessment International Education in both IGCSE and A-level, and her revision guide for the UK IGCSE exam in English Language is available to purchase via Amazon.

Mrs Pavlenko teaches
Creative Writing

Jackie Pavlenko graduated from Oxford University (BA Hons) in English Language and Literature, before becoming a screenwriter (MA in Screenwriting, London College of Communication). Her plays have popped up on BBC Radio 4, and she once found herself being photographed by paparazzi who must have mistaken her for someone important at the premier of a film she’d written. She has taught screenwriting to young adults, and run book clubs in a UK primary school. These days, she’s a full time traveller and road-schooler with two boys, from whom she is always learning.

Dr Leese teaches Mathematics

Dr Robert Leese has taught mathematics at one of the most prestigious universities in the world for over 25 years, and is CTO in a systems engineering company. He sees a role for himself in conveying mathematics as a set of analytical skills instead of a collection of facts and formulae that few students know what to do with. He's the father of four children whom he has homeschooled for over a decade, and is an avid collector and repairer of antique fountain pens.  

Mrs Mason teaches history

Yvonne Mason took her undergraduate degree in English Language and Literature, then an MA in history from Royal Holloway in London while working as a costumed historical interpreter at the Tower of London. She has been working as an online tutor since 2001 in both English and history, home educates her own daughter, and in her spare time, is an avid embroiderer. She has plans to study for a PhD in Medieval Studies very soon.

Mr Baker teaches
Spanish and French

Joel Baker is a linguist and teacher of Romance languages and father of five children (ages 1-11) whom he educates at home. He graduated in Spanish and Portuguese from King’s College London and trained as a secondary school teacher of French and Spanish. He holds a Post Graduate Certificate in reflective practice and has studied at universities in Colombia and Brazil. He runs a language education business for adults and children, established in 2004. 

Mrs Samuels teaches
ancient and biblical history

Alison Samuels is a Classics lecturer with the Open University in England, and former home-educating mum. She was one of the first women admitted to St John's College, Cambridge, when it stopped being for men only. She famously taught my children to sing a rousing patriotic Welsh song that apparently brings out the sun on a cloudy day -- but only if you're in Wales, of course!

Mrs Jones teaches science

Kimberly Jones graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with her BSN and served in the military as a medic and behavioral health specialist before taking posts in pediatric and post-partum nursing. Since 2005, she has been teaching science in homeschool co-ops while homeschooling her own children, one of whom is now at university, another who served in the military, and two more who are still at home.
Mrs Wells teaches art history

Jenny Wells graduated from York with a degree in History of Art and English from the University of York, and an M.A. from the Open University. After home educating her children, she has been teaching History of Art and English A levels for the last ten years, including being a History of Art AQA examiner. Jenny has completed the Pearson training for the new History of Art A level.
Mrs Bird teaches geography

Sandra Bird has a degree in Combined Science from Sheffield University and taught geography for a number of years before home educating her two daughters.  She has 24 years experience as a geography examiner and writes a free resource for home educators called Blog About Britain.

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