Work for Us

Dreaming Spires is expanding!

We now offer two ways of earning money with us.

First -- TA for us!

  • By TA, we don't mean that you assist the students, but you assist the teacher! There are a series of small jobs that need doing each week during term-time, such as copy-pasting students' work into Powerpoint and such-like. You will receive training and support, and what's more, you receive a free place for your own child!*

* We regret that we need to collect full fees in the first instance, and refund termly in arrears.

Second -- Teach for us!

    We are looking to expand our course offerings over the next few years. We are especially interested in mathematics and sciences.

    If you think you could teach for us, then you need to apply with a letter of enquiry, including your homeschooling experience, your subject and qualifications/experience, the way your teaching approach meshes with the Charlotte Mason method, and your computer proficiency. Send your letter to dreamingspireshomelearning <at> gmail <dot> com

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