Tuesday 2 August 2016

Gotta Love Those Good Reviews!

I know it's hard to leap into the unknown sometimes, especially when it's both your child's education and your hard-earned money.

So, how can I give you the confidence that my courses are going to look after you on both accounts? By letting the happy parents of former students give you their honest opinion of Dreaming Spires.

Here's a review that's just been posted on the HE Exam Wiki by a mum who's tried and tested so many distance-learning options. She's often the font of wisdom on the HE Exams Yahoo group and Facebook page -- such a thorough researcher!

Thanks again to Sue for publishing her views and passing on her experience. I hope it will encourage you to take the leap and try us out this year.

And take heart: if for any reason the course isn't working out for you after the first few sessions, you can always withdraw for a full refund, less the £15 registration fee.

Sue's Review of Dreaming Spires Home Learning online English courses, and Dreaming Spires Revision online crammer classes for the CIE English iGCSE exam:(published July 2016)

I'd like to recommend Kat's Crammer course for CIE 0500 English to those about to START the IGCSE course as well as those who need to work on exam technique before the next exam session.

After looking at the CIE 0500 syllabus and recommended text books before DD started IGCSE English a couple of years back, I was still mystified as to what we were actually supposed to DO in the course and what sort of skills she was supposed to gain when she'd finished the IGCSE in English. It all sounded a bit vague.

I signed DD up for Kat's course at the last minute, and throughout the course it was made very clear just what was required in order to get a top mark in the exam. For example, 'summary writing' is something any student can do but there is a particular formula that the examiner wants to see in order to give top grade. This and tips for the other types of exam question are all covered in the course.

DD has since participated in three of Kat's other Dreaming Spires Home Learning courses in Literature - Middle Ages Literature, Renaissance Literature, British Novels and this year has enrolled for both American Literature and Classical Civilisation.  My daughter just LOVES these courses.  Kat presents the courses in a very professional manner and the courses are interesting and engaging.  The Add-on Writing extension classes are very useful for those doing any IGCSE/GCSE Literature course - with the work marked as though it is an assessment and also with a great deal of individual feedback.  Mistakes common to several students are gone over in the following class. There is the option after the class (and during the week) to chat online with other students in a secure setting.

Our experience with Kat's courses has been positive.  The skills mastered are being found very useful in DD's current AS level courses in History of Art, Religion, Classical Civilisation & History - all of which have a huge writing component.

Hope this helps someone who has no idea just where to start with English or English Literature.

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