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We're excited to lead a worldwide revolution in homeschooled education!

I really admire and appreciate the way you allow the students to explore & experiment with different forms of writing in weird & wonderful places – I guess that is an advantage of not teaching to an exam syllabus and I think it leads to a richer learning experience. But it does take some bravery so I wanted to encourage you from a parent’s perspective to continue to be brave! -- a parent from England

Once more, I feel so blessed to have found Dreaming Spires to take this past school year. I feel like all of the books as well as the writing portion, have been a great finale to my high school years. Thanks again! -- from Texas

I just wanted to send you a message to thank you for the last three years of teaching. I have started my English Lit A-Level this month, and have fully realised how lucky I was to have such wonderful education. I've now seen how much of your teaching directly went against how English lit is done in schools, and must say your way is preferable... -- a student who started back to high school

What I really wanted to let you know, is that I am very grateful for the year that I spent in Brit Nov with you. I really can see now, that the writing that you had me do in your course was the perfect final phase of my high school education, and that it helped to propel me into the college level of academics. There are so many students at community college who are not ready to work at college level, or who don't understand what is really expected of them. I think that my time spent in your course was the perfect preparation for me. Thanks again Dr. P! -- a student from Texas who graduated high school

[My boys] acquired tremendous knowledge from your classes, which are so rich and deep, and they truly enjoyed their time with you. Thank you for being such a terrific teacher, and I hope we are able to stay in touch. -- from a mom in North Carolina who has a son aiming for West Point.

The teacher feedback on written work has helped all of my children enormously in developing the style of writing techniques needed for public exams in an enjoyable manner. Any queries are answered very quickly by the teacher directly. My children developed surprisingly strong relationships with the other members of the class [through] a forum with regular lively discussion and banter which resonates my young debate club many years ago. -- a parent from England

My daughter just LOVES these courses. Kat presents the courses in a very professional manner and the courses are interesting and engaging. The Add-on Writing extension classes are very useful for those doing any IGCSE/GCSE Literature course - with the work marked as though it is an assessment and also with a great deal of individual feedback. Mistakes common to several students are gone over in the following class. There is the option after the class (and during the week) to chat online with other students in a secure setting. -- a parent from Austria

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