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The timetable for 2018-2019 is out! View it by clicking here.

Motivate your teen with Dreaming Spires

Kids can get coached up for exams, but not many online courses offer the specialists that we have at Dreaming Spires Home Learning. We not only know our subject thoroughly, but are experienced teachers, examiners, and home-educating veterans.

We know exams are important, and we'll help your teens get ready --
but we do MORE than that!

  • Our passion motivates our students
  • Our unique tiered structure means we're accessible to students as young as 12, but we can challenge your sixth formers, too!
  • Our students come from all over the world, so there's enormous scope for cultural exchange
  • Our classes are limited to 15 students, so students aren't a number: they're a person!

Dreaming Spires Home Learning is offering a fabulous line-up for 2018! Not only are our tried-and-trusted English Literature and Language courses available (four eras), two Ancient History courses, two levels of Spanish, and Biology, but we've ADDED modern history, French, creative writing, and MORE science!

Who is Dreaming Spires for?

Dreaming Spires is particularly aimed at secondary students (aged 12 to 18). In the UK, that would translate into KS3 and KS4, depending on the course and the level of involvement. It's an excellent choice for two kinds of parents:
  1. those who are thinking of putting their children back in school because they think they can't teach at secondary level;
  2. those who want much more than an exam syllabus, desiring excellence beyond the limits of the National Curriculum.

What next?
  • If you like what you see so far, then have a browse on the rest of the pages here, noting especially the different options that you can choose from. Most people who are planning to take CIE IGCSE English Language would opt for Middle Ages Literature and its add-on writing extension. Those doing CIE English Literature would choose Renaissance or British Novel.
  • Next, use the Contact Form on the right, or if you're on your mobile and the form doesn't appear, then email me at dreamingspireshomelearning <at> gmail <dot> com

There is no commitment when you make enquiries, like us on Facebook, or use the email box on the right to subscribe our blog, and should you decide to register with us, the original outlay is a mere £30 downpayment, payable by bank transfer, Google wallet, or cheque.

Many courses are Southern Hemisphere friendly! 


  1. Loving the new website, by the way!

  2. Thanks for the vote of confidence!

  3. I just put a note on the homeschool page asking if you home tutor as I need someone to mark my sons practice papers. My daughter may be interested in the classical civilizations course can you let me know more?


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