Timetable for 2018-2019

Timetable 2018-2019

If you're already thinking ahead to next semester, let me tell you about some of the things we've got planned at Dreaming Spires for your homeschooled teen.

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Dreaming Spires timetable starting September 2018 is as follows:

English Renaissance Lit: KP  8 am  CST / 2 pm  UK English Middle Ages : JP      8 am  CST / 2 pm  UK Ancient History Rome:  AS 8 am  CST / 2 pm  UK English British Novel: KP      8 am  CST / 2 pm  UK 

Spanish 1 : JB will meet at   9 am  CST /3 pm  UK  Spanish 2:  JB will meet at  9 am  CST / 3 pm  UK  

History: 1914-1945 - The Road to War: YM 10 am CST/4 pm UK French 1: JB will meet at 10:30 am  CST / 4:30 pm  UK  French 2: JB will meet at 10:30 am CST / 4:30 pm UK  Biology KJ at 10 am CST/ 4 pm UK
General Science  KJ at 11 am CST/ 5 pm UKCreative Writing:  JP noon CST/6 pm UKEnglish British Novel:  JP noon CST/6 pm UK

English Middle Ages KP    1 pm  CST / 7 pm  UK 
Ancient History Greek:  AS      1 pm  CST / 7 pm  UK 

Two courses, same time
Chemistry  KJ at 1 pm CST/    7 pm UK

English American Lit: KP       1 pm  CST / 7 pm UK 

Also, here is a calendar of dates for the year:

Sept 10th 2018
First week of Term
October 22nd 2018
This week is a holiday for Autumn Break
October 29th 2018
Classes resume this week
December 10th 2018
This is the last week of class before Christmas Break
Dec 17th - Jan 6th
Christmas Break
January 7th 2019
Classes resume this week
April 15th 2019
Start of Easter break for 2 weeks
April 29th 2019
Classes resume this week
May 13th 2019
Last week of classes before the end of the academic year

Keep in touch with us via social media for updates and items of interest, including videos!

Facebook = @dreamingspireshomelearning
Instagram = @dreaming_spires_home_learning
Twitter = @dreaminspiresHL

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  1. Hi is the Thursday biology igxse or ks3? Thanks


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